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The Law Of Devotion VIP Inner Circle and
 The Magnetic Woman Sisterhood

"All I Saw Was An Undesirable Woman With An Oversized Nose, Bad Skin And Extra Pounds... All They Saw Was A Beautiful, Radiant, Powerful Magnetic Woman!"

Luba wants to give you one more free gift as her way of saying thank you for ordering Law Of Devotion today. She has a special program she’s created called Law Of Devotion Woman VIP Inner Circle, and here’s what it can do for you

Now You Can Become Your Best, Most Confident 
and Empowered Feminine Self!

It’s great to have the tools and behaviors of a woman who can inspire devotion in a man, but what you really want is to be able to attract and inspire all the things you desire in life without having to struggle to get them. This is what a “Magnetic Woman” does, and Luba has cracked the code on what makes these women so powerful.

Let's face it... being a modern day woman is tough!

These are women you’d normally never have access to (because they aren’t looking for the spotlight, and they usually keep their secret power to themselves), but Luba has convinced them to get on camera and share what they know with you. 

You’d recognize them if you saw them. They are the type of women who can walk into any room and instantly all eyes fall on her - not because of physical beauty (most of them are “average looking”) - but because of their incredible magnetic radiance that comes from the inside.

People fall over themselves wanting to do favors for them, give them opportunities, and yes… of course many men desire to be in relationship with them. These women are never alone for long, and the high-quality men they attract always hold onto them. 

This Inner Circle gives you access not only to these wonderful women, but also to Luba herself. She makes herself available to personally help you out and answer your most pressing questions and desires. Here’s what you get in the Law Of Devotion VIP Inner Circle:

  • A monthly video interview with a Magnetic Woman who is getting everything she wants in life and more. Luba breaks down exactly why the woman is getting such great results in love, life, and career, and helps you discover her secrets so you can do the same.
  • Luba’s latest discoveries about how to become the most magnetic, radiant version of yourself. Luba travels the world and meets women from many different cultures, and she is thrilled to share her worldly wisdom you in the Feminine Magnetism Activation video mini-series.
  • Monthly group live coaching calls. Each month Luba focuses on one main topic having to do with being a Magnetic Woman who attracts abundance in all areas of her life. She breaks it down for you and helps you install these skills so you can get amazing results in the areas of life that are important to you, especially relationships and career.
  • Weekly Sensual Practices will help you fully embody the concepts from Law Of Devotion. Align your body, mind and soul to get faster results.
  • Full Moon Monthly Global On-Line Video Conferencing Event, where Luba gives a teaching on topics like Be Your Own Dream Girl, Overcoming Love Addiction, Your Fresh Start and many others. For this event we are using Zoom technology which allows all members of the community see each other on video. It really feels like a friendly family!
  • Access to Luba’s exclusive Magnetic Woman Sisterhood Facebook group. How would you like to be able to post a question or share your personal story, and have Luba herself (and dozens of other Magnetic Women) responding to you?
 Magnetic Woman Sisterhood Facebook group is Luba’s favorite way to stay in touch with her students, as well as help her students connect with each other.
Finally, You Too Can Access A Community Filled With Spectacular, Smart and Supportive Women…  

Imagine what it would be like to have a community committed to helping you, supporting you, and nurturing you.

A group of women who want what you want and are happy to work together to help you get it. A community where you can connect, collaborate and contribute. A place where you can engage, explore and be empowered.

But In This Fast Paced World, Where Can You 
Get That Kind Of Support?

Your girlfriends have a life of their own.
Your family mean well but don't always understand where you are coming from. And as for yourself, if you are like most women.. you are often your own worst critic. You need a place where you can find the answers to your questions, the solutions to your problems, and discover the secrets successful women use to live the lives other women can only dream about. The good news is, there is a community like this. But before I tell you about it, I should probably introduce myself so you know who I am.

My name is Luba Evans...

Luba to my friends, and for the past 10 years, I have been running workshops, exclusive retreats and doing personal sessions with women to help them with their relationship issues, with personal growth and reconnect with themselves and their divine feminine.

I have consulted for the United Nations, Hadassah International, The Smithsonian and Court TV. I have studied in all 3 Major Tantric International Schools and lived in India where I deepened my spiritual journey.

All this has given me a unique insight into humanity and given me a clear view of what is missing in our modern day lives. What I noticed is..

When Women Have A Solid, Supportive Community.. They Thrive And So Does The Community As A Whole

But when that community is non-existent, women struggle, feel lost and compete against each other. Women need a sacred place for them to feel comfortable to ask questions, offer help to others, and a safe place to talk about their problems free from the fear of judgement.

Introducing The Magnetic Woman Sisterhood...

To help you to get the help, support and womanly wisdom you need, I have created the Magnetic Woman Sisterhood. Because I know when we are together, our power multiplies. The Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is the perfect place for you when you:

  • Are feeling unloved, hopeless, or freaking out! The group is there for you.
  • Need to understand the warning signs and red flags in your relationship. This way you can avoid the major falls and heartbreak
  • Are getting mixed signals and can't decode his texts. You'll know whether "To text or not to text"
  • Need "After Date" troubleshooting and support
  • Want to understand men and how they really work
  • Want to know the 5 dating stages so you can master them
  • Need instant, on the spot relationship repair advice when you're in the heat of an argument
  • Want to use the "Don't Sweat It" method and have forgotten how to use it
  • Need to be empowered so you can stop giving, giving, giving and finally start receiving
  • Forget how to keep your boundaries strong and have a moment of weakness
  • Need to know if he is lying to you, cheating on you, and how to become a human lie detector
  • Want to turn a "lukewarm" guy into a hot prospect (use the "Don't Sweat It" Method!)
  • Need the supportive ear of the Sisterhood rather than co-depending on him
  • The Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is a supportive sacred space where you can ask questions, offer your help to others, and is a safe place for you to talk about your problems free from judgement.
It Would Be Easy To Imagine That It Is Worth 
Thousands Of Dollars... Because It Is!

In fact, I've had private clients pay me $2,000 to learn what I am sharing in the community. And although it may sound like a lot of money... they were extremely happy with the results they achieved. But you won't need to invest $2,000 or even $1,000 to get access to the Sisterhood.

All you pay is an affordable monthly fee of $97 That's right... for only $97 you get full access to all the information, material and the Sisterhood community.   But I was thinking I could do a little better... so I am going to give you the first month for FREE.

And after your first months is up, instead of paying $97 per month.. all you'll pay per month is an even more affordable $27 per month!

A Quick Warning!

I have to warn you though, the Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is not for everyone! There are some women it is wrong for and they will not be accepted into our Sacred space.

  • Like to live your life in drama
  • Like to share your drama with everyone around you
  • Want to blame others
  • Are happy being miserable
  • Bully other women so you feel better about yourself
  • Can't take well intentioned advice from others (when you ask for it)
  • Need to compete with other women and be the boss/ leader of the group
...then it would be better for you to close this page now. The Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is not for you!

Our community will be closely moderated to ensure the group works towards the betterment of each other. Anyone who cannot adhere to this simple philosophy will have their membership cancelled. Now I have that out of the way... here's who the Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is right for.

The Magnetic Woman Sisterhood Is Where It Is Finally Safe To Talk Woman To Woman!   

It's time to stop giving away your power, to stop living the way others want you to live... to stop letting someone else's desires, ideas and feelings dictate how you feel about yourself and your life! 

There is never really a time when you don't make a decision. So if you decide not to join us today and go it alone, I wish you well. I truly hope it works out for you.   However, if you decide to join us today, you get dedicated support from myself and other Sisters who are on the same path. You'll never feel alone, confused or hopeless again!   

To lock in your FREE trial and your permanent price of $27 per month, simply press the button below. If you try to join after then... you'll pay $97, which isn't a bad price... it's just not as nice as $27!  

I look forward to seeing you inside our LOD Inner Circle and Magnetic Woman Sisterhood and global community of awakened women.   

Make sure you say "Hi" and introduce yourself.   

I'll be waiting for you.   

Love and Blessings,   


P.S. Please don't miss this opportunity because I don't know if or when I will ever do this again! My friends think I'm crazy for giving you 1 month of my best material for FREE... but because I am living a life in alignment with the Law of Devotion, I am 100% happy with my decision! I cannot guarantee I'll do it again though.

P.P.S. Imagine where you'll be in 3 months, 6 months or even a year from now if you don't join in... Has anything changed? Are you finally living the life you have only dreamed about? Or are you still stuck in the never ending cycle of a failed relationships, broken hearts and the regret that you should have done something sooner?   

P.P.P.S. It's a known fact that women do better when we work together. It's also well known that you become like the people you hang out with. It is rare to find a community of dynamic women who are all here to help each other live their best life possible. This is exactly what the Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is all about! It's time you finally found where you truly belong!

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